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Chalk and Chalk Bags

Don't leave home without one!

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waiting for picture of DMM Liquid Chalk for climbing
DMM Liquid Chalk for climbing 
Ref: liquidchalkdmm 
Make: Black Diamond
Notes: Liquid chalk gives a much better coverage than standard loose chalk and takes longer to wear off, i.e. you will be able to do more moves before your fingers start to turn greasy. This can be a great help on long boulder problems and traverses or on sport routes where strength sapping pauses to chalk up need to be kept to a minimum. Ideally it is used in conjunction with standard chalk. Think of it as an extra boost for those big redpoint attempts. That said, the alcohol solution does help to clean skin, thus making it a useful application at the start of a session when your hands may be carrying greasy deposits from whatever you have been doing prior to climbing. Bottle contains 200ml. Features Wear resistant liquid chalk Quick to apply and quick to dry Handy 200ml bottle
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waiting for picture of Chalk Ball
Chalk Ball 
Ref: chalkball 
Make: Black Diamond
Notes: Easy to store, easy to use, limits mess, economical without wastage - Chalk Balls!
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waiting for picture of Psychi Chalk Bags
Psychi Chalk Bags 
Ref: chalkbagspsy 
Make: Black Diamond
Notes: bags for holding your climbers chalk
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waiting for picture of Black Diamond Chalk Bags
Black Diamond Chalk Bags 
Ref: chalkbagsBD 
Make: Black Diamond
Notes: Great chalk bags for sport or bouldering
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waiting for picture of Troll Chalk Bags
Troll Chalk Bags 
Ref: chalkbagstroll 
Make: Black Diamond
Notes: Gotta love a fluffy troll chalk bag!
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