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Kids Climbing Gear

We've collected together some links to great climbing gear for your kids. Get them into a healthy, fun hobby from an early age and see their confidence boost as they scale the heights of the local climbing wall. Always ensure your kids are climbing with qualified instructors, are safe and secure. This isn't a hobby to try down at the local cliff!!

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Childrens Climbing harness 
Ref: KidsHarness 
Notes: Amazon Merchants sell a wide variety of climbing harnesses for kids. Make sure you choose the right one for your child. From sit-harnesses for older children to full body harnesses for the younger ones, there are options for everyone on Amazon.
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Childrens Climbing Helmet 
Ref: kidshelmets 
Make: Mammut
Weight: 420
Notes: Safety first. Safety last. Safety ALWAYS. Make sure your kids are protected from bands to the head with a kids climbign helmet. Please don't use cycling helmets, they are not designed for climbing. Make sure the helmet fits snuggly and will not come off. ALWAYS make sure your child wears one when climbing and belaying.
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Childrens Climbing Shoes 
Ref: kidsboots 
Notes: If you want your kids to really enjoy climbing and to get the most out of their hobby, we strongly suggest you invest in a pair of climbing boots. These are so much better than wearing trainers. Your kids will climb better and feel more confident.
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